About Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, Ph.D is a social and cultural anthropologist, classicist and musician from São Paulo, Brazil. He attended the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City (2000-2003), the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada (2003-2010), and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland (2011-2017).

Rodrigo’s academic background includes studies in an array of subjects such as Ancient philosophy, science and religion, Classical Latin language, ecological anthropology, indigenous ways of knowing, critiques of mainstream evolutionary biology and physics, colonialism and development, music and community life, resonance and gratitude, polymathy, chess and music, and more.

  • Film Making and Photography – capture, editing, color correction, post production.
  • Video Creation – transforming academic research into compelling videos that engage wider audiences.
  • Music Making – musical harmony theory and anti-theory, arranging, improvisation, composition.
  • Music Production –  recording, editing, mixing and mastering music and film soundtracks.
  • Graphic Design – create complex and rich compositions for presentations, animations, logos, websites, OSX applications.
  • Propagation of Information – how to reach a wider public using outreach tools and social media.

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