PLAYALONG: Bossa Nova, B♭7 9 13 & D7 9 13

Bossa Nova, Bb7 9 13 and D7 9 13

Live with Sandro Haick - Playalong

Play along with Sandro Haick – Just click PLAY on the mixer below. You can mute, pan and change the volume of each track, and control the master track. You can also scroll ahead and move back on the track by sliding the timeline below the mixer.

We also provide the piano and guitar maps for each chord here, so you can study each of them separately. For more context, see the videos at the bottom of this page for the whole live session, including the drawing the rhythm, chord and note cards at random, the live recording the bass and Rhodes accompaniments, and the improvised guitar solo. Live sessions are bilingual events, in Portuguese and English.

HTML5 audio mixer

Chords and Instrument Maps

B♭7 9 13

D7 9 13

B♭7 9 13

D7 9 13

Sandro Haick recorded this track during the live session of January 11th 2021. Rodrigo picked up the cards randomly, and Sandro demonstrated how to study using the practical method, hearing, singing, and playing, along with and the Playing Cards. You can purchase card sets at Freenote, in São Paulo, online – ships worldwide. For wholesale, contact

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