Rodrigo is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, arranger and independent producer with a professional recording studio. He started playing the bass at age 14 in 1991, and within a few years he signed a contract with Roadrunner Records as a member of the band Toyshop. This brought him to Van Nuys, California, north of Los Angeles, where he recorded at Sound City Studios. He later left the band to study anthropology in the United States, and moved on to make 2 jazz recordings with Sandro Haick and other musicians, entitled Bias Project and HABiTUS.

After finishing his PhD, Sandro Haick offered Rodrigo a partnership to help on Sandro’s unique teaching method. Rodrigo engaged this project, which led to the invention and design of the Secret of Music Playing Cards, a reduction of all elements of music theory and harmony into a set of cards. Another series they released is called Masterclass, featuring trombonist Raul de Souza, drummers Carlos Bala and Cuca Teixeira, bassist Michael Pipoquinha, sound engineer Guilherme Canaes and others.

Working with his wife Louise, Rodrigo composes, performs, records and mixes music from home since 2018, when he set up his studio. Since then, he has made a number of musical videos and productions. Rodrigo teaches each of these related skills through apprenticeships and (upcoming) online courses. Apprenticeships are personalized to your needs, and prerecorded courses help you develop each skill gradually and at your own pace.