Cosmic Playtime – The Catch

Cosmic Playtime – The Catch

Cosmic Playtime – The Catch

In this video, we continue studying the colonial cosmology and its interplay with unverifiable modern  fictions. Again, we focus on recent examples of cosmological multimedia and consider the claims and the evidence from each source. 


Chandrayaan-3’s Lunar Journey: As we follow Chandrayaan-3’s mission to reach the Moon, we analyze the claim that this space endeavor represents a significant milestone in India’s space exploration efforts. We examine the technology employed to explore the lunar surface and the potential scientific breakthroughs this mission may lead to.

Intimacy in Space: The study proposing the possibility of intimate interactions for space tourists beyond the Karman line is the subject of our scrutiny. We critically assess the claims regarding the physiological and psychological implications of such experiences in microgravity, and the ethical considerations surrounding this topic.

NASA’s Satellite Swarm Missions: We delve into NASA’s ambitious missions, where swarms of satellites are launched to study rogue planets, the tropics, and beyond. We analyze the claims surrounding the significance of these missions in advancing our understanding of the universe and their potential contributions to climate science.

NASA’s Starling Mission – Autonomous Invasion: Within NASA’s Starling mission, a swarm of satellites navigates through space. Our analysis centers on the claims of the implications, advantages, and potential concerns regarding the deployment of autonomous satellite technology on such a scale.

Chinese Astronauts’ Spacewalk: Witnessing the first-ever spacewalk outside the new Tiangong space station, we scrutinize the significance and claims surrounding this historic milestone. We explore the advancements in China’s space program and its implications for future human space exploration.

UAE Astronaut’s Space Dart Game: We examine the lighthearted moment in space as UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi plays space darts aboard the International Space Station6. Our analysis touches on the portrayal of human adaptability and the representation of astronauts’ daily lives in space.

Throughout this video, we maintain a critical approach, focusing on the claims made within the selected examples to understand the broader implications and narratives of the colonial cosmology and unverifiable fictions in our cosmic pursuits.


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Rodrigo Ferrari Nunes

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, Ph.D, is a social and cultural anthropologist, independent consultant, music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, artist, public intellectual and communicator.

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