From Blame-Shifting to Profiteering: Climate Exploitation

From Blame-Shifting to Profiteering: Climate Exploitation

In a realm where truth intertwines with deception, a narrative emerges that casts a shadow over our understanding of climate change and global warming. In the following video, a NASA scientist guides us through a tale of distinct yet connected concepts: global warming as a phenomenon driven by increasing greenhouse gas emissions, raising the Earth’s surface temperature over centuries.

Meanwhile, climate change is portrayed as a broader term encompassing long-term alterations in weather patterns, observed through shifts like melting Arctic ice and escalating wildfires. However, beneath these scientific explanations, a more profound question arises—people have scrutinized these claims and debunked them as hollow fictions designed to invoke fear and manipulate compliance, accusing governments and corporations of weaving an elaborate web of deception.

Critics note that the very idea of measuring an “average” temperature across Earth’s intricate ecosystems is not only fictitious but a calculated ploy, exploiting populations while diverting blame from corporate polluters to unsuspecting citizens. As history dances between chilling ice ages and searing global heat, anarchists argue that governments’ perceived solutions only perpetuate the ruse, leaving us to question the true intentions behind this intricate climate narrative.

In the tale spun by the colonial cosmology’s boogieman narrative, a sinister scheme lurks behind the scenes, fueled by the machinery of heavy industry. This elaborate tale points accusatory fingers at unsuspecting populations, cleverly absolving corporate polluters of their sins. The crux of this narrative rests on the audacious notion that the temperatures across all corners of the spherical Earth, from atmospheric layers to ocean depths and varying altitudes, can be universally measured and distilled into a single, elusive “average” temperature. This fantastical concept forms the heart of a grand deception, one that seeks to exploit the masses, convincing them that salvation lies in the hands of governments and celestial agencies, so long as they are supplied with an ever-increasing stream of funds.

The narrative stretches the boundaries of credibility, proposing that this calculated average temperature holds the key to unraveling the alleged crisis. Beneath the oceans and high above the land, the story claims, this mythical temperature is both the cause and solution to the world’s woes. A tale so cunningly fabricated that it paints governments and space agencies as valiant saviors, armed with the panacea of additional financial resources to mend the unraveling fabric of the environment.

Yet, beneath this intricately woven web of deception, a deeper truth emerges. It’s a truth that rebels against the manufactured consensus, questioning the very basis of this elaborate narrative. Skeptics argue that this notion of an “average” temperature, a temperature that somehow encompasses the planet’s multifaceted climatic intricacies, is an artful fiction concocted to manipulate and control. A narrative devised to ensnare the unsuspecting masses, shifting blame from the corporate titans who bear the true weight of responsibility, onto the shoulders of ordinary citizens.

History serves as a mirror, reflecting the manipulative maneuvers of climatologists who once cried wolf with dual prophecies. On one hand, the Earth was predicted to plummet into a deep freeze; on the other, it was projected to scorch under the blaze of human activity. An intricate dance of fear and confusion designed to secure funding for the science of the moment, regardless of its alignment with reality. It’s a dance that has given voice to anarchists who argue, convincingly, that governments are but empty vessels, impotent in the face of real change, preoccupied instead with concocting elaborate narratives of blame and salvation.

In this intricate narrative, the colonial cosmology’s boogieman story emerges as a symphony of deception, orchestrated by those with power and driven by the engines of industry. It’s a tale that cloaks culpable corporations in shadows while casting the blame upon the unsuspecting populace. Through the smoke and mirrors, the cries of the anarchists resonate, charging that governments are mere puppets in this charade, expertly weaving stories to further their interests, leaving the truth obscured and the exploited masses in a haze of uncertainty.

Rodrigo Ferrari Nunes

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, Ph.D, is a social and cultural anthropologist, independent consultant, music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, artist, public intellectual and communicator.

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