Step into a captivating live session where we peel back the layers of the transhumanist doctrine, delving deep into the alluring world of universal colonization and evolution. Join us as we navigate the intricate tapestry of ideas that lead us to the culmination of an updated human species: Homo Spaciens.

At the heart of our exploration lies the enigmatic Homo Spaciens Foundation and its intriguing claim. As we unravel their perspective, we’re confronted with the belief that we stand on the precipice of a technological revolution – a seismic shift that could potentially transform fantastical concepts from the likes of Star Trek into tangible realities.

This session isn’t just a glimpse into the future; it’s an invitation to contemplate the boundaries of possibility. As we dissect the foundation’s vision, we’re confronted with notions that challenge our perceptions of what’s achievable. Against the backdrop of NASA’s resounding motto, “the impossible is possible,” we’re prompted to ponder the unfathomable horizons that technology may yet unlock.

But there’s more to this story. As we examine the transhumanist doctrine, we unearth not just aspirations, but fictions woven into the fabric of progress. We’re invited to question, to critique, and to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of human imagination, where ambition and reality often intermingle.

Join us for this enthralling live session as we unravel the threads of universal colonization, evolution, and the tantalizing concept of Homo Spaciens. Explore the fusion of fact and fiction, the potential and the limitations, and the ever-expanding canvas of human innovation that dares to push the boundaries of what we consider possible.

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, Ph.D, is a social and cultural anthropologist, independent consultant, music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, artist, public intellectual and communicator.

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    fantastic, thank you!

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