Dear Visitor,

This site only still exists because people who are dedicated to asking questions, testing assumption, and thinking for their own are somehow out there.

I have always challenged established paradigms in my career, until I bumped against a stonewall of prejudice and ignorance: the allegedly taboo subject of critically examining mainstream cosmological pronouncements.

Since March 2020, the critics of space exploration who were once popular on the Internet have become ensnared by fictional propositions and become, by and large, ethnocentric religious fanatics and promoters of fictional scenarios. The widespread lack of training in critical research methods and epistemological reflexivity eventually played a key role. Now, the information landscape regarding cosmological questionings have become tainted with profit motives and ridiculous fantasies.

I have always remained independent as an anthropological thinker and social scientist. When particular people tried to convince me to buy into poorly explained and easily shown to be illogical fantasies, and tried to use me for their own pet projects, I realized that the whole structure of support that was painstakingly built would soon start crumbling.

For me, the only option is and will always be to retain total and complete independence of thought, regardless of whether I am facing the fictional authority of state actors, politicians and cosmic propagandists, or popular Western charlatan mystics.

I have carried on working despite having to face the socioeconomic effects of several prejudices, stigma, gossip, state propaganda and censorship, from both sides of the so-called cosmological divide.

My position is simple: indigenous, aboriginal and ancient peoples were not ‘primitive and naïve’ as the eugenicist stereotype adopted in so-called modern science would have it.

In fact, they were far more aware of what the cosmos around us is actually like than the so-called modern heroes of colonial and imperialist science. But most people, including critical scholars who should know better, are still somehow under the impression that people like Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Darwin, and others are supposed to be beyond critique.

Thankfully, there are people out there who know better, and they are among my supporters. This work has continued because they have gone out of their way to help me continue despite the obstacles we have faced.





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