The Space Race

The Space Race

In this live session, “The Space Race,” we dissect the captivating narrative that has held the world in thrall for decades. We examine the space race script and its relation to negative stereotypes used against indigenous peoples and those who question the authoritarian precepts of the colonial cosmology.

Explore the parallel dynamics between the marginalization of diverse worldviews and the perpetuation of the space race storyline. Through this analysis, we reveal the underlying power dynamics, historical constructs, and the glorification of the obsolete state, which seeks to maintain control by projecting the illusion of cosmic exploration.

Join us for an in-depth discussion that delves into the hidden layers of cosmic illusions, exploring their impact on our perceptions and the broader societal landscape. For those seeking a deeper understanding, further exploration awaits at

Rodrigo Ferrari Nunes

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, Ph.D, is a social and cultural anthropologist, independent consultant, music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, artist, public intellectual and communicator.

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